An analysis of the war in vietnam and the influence of ho chi minh

The French were decisively defeated at Dien Bien Phu on May 7,and had no choice but to negotiate. It could be argued that the bombing made the people even more fiercely loyal to Ho. Those are undeniable truths.

The Vietnam War

They are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. How does Ho Chi Minh make the case for Vietnamese independence? Along with others, Ho created the Vietminh. The Vietminh took part in guerrilla warfare against the Japanese.

For the communist forces, which were instrumental in the defeat of the French, the ideology of communism and nationalism were linked. He lost any chance of teaching in schools run by the French in Vietnam and he was forced into travelling around Vietnam offering peasants his services.

Ho was brought back from Siam, therefore, and on February 3,he presided over the founding of the party. These terms were more favourable than those offered to Ho Chi Minh two years earlier, because the French were now attempting to weaken the Viet Minh by supporting the traditional ruling class in Vietnam.

Vietnam independence proclaimed

How does Ho Chi Minh make the case for Vietnamese independence? Ho's language provides an early example of his belief that colonialism and communism were inseparable. As World War I came to a close, a young Vietnamese patriot named Nguyen That Thanh arrived in Paris to speak with the powerful men negotiating the terms for peace.

After his years of militant activity in France, where he became acquainted with most of the French working-class leaders, Ho went to Moscow at the end of This act brought no response from the peacemakers, but it made him a hero to many politically conscious Vietnamese.

This document gives students a lot to consider. Six months later the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and the Japanese were totally defeated. General in Hanoi, She was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment. Inunder the name of Ba, he found work as a cook on a French steamer.

Many communist sympathisers viewed the South Vietnamese as a French colonial remnant and later an American puppet regime. These polls can be done by raising hands or moving to one side of the room.

This is what we need, this is the path to our liberation! Students will examine primary sources to find evidence that indicates the extent to which communism and nationalism motivated Ho Chi Minh.

The North Korean representative suggested that elections be held throughout all of Korea, that all foreign forces leave beforehand, that the elections be run by an all-Korean Commission to be made up of equal parts from North and South Korea, and to increase general relations economically and culturally between the North and the South.

Ho therefore decided to live in China, near to the Vietnam border. In Ho lived in Paris. The first agenda item was the Korean question to be followed by Indochina.

I was overjoyed to tears. North Vietnam, where Ho and his associates were established, was a poor country, cut off from the vast agricultural areas of the south. They have mercilessly slain our patriots; they have drowned our uprisings in rivers of blood. Six months later, from June 17 to July 8, he took an active part in the Fifth Congress of the Communist Internationalduring which he criticized the French Communist Party for not opposing colonialism more vigorously.

Anthony Edenleading the British delegation, favored a negotiated settlement to the conflict. On February 15,in response to a personal message from U. Is his argument persuasive? Some students might emphasize his nationalistic motives.

FromHo ordered that the Vietminh should be supplied with arms by the north via the Ho Chi Minh trail. Sick and disillusioned, Ho Chi Minh was not able to oppose demands for retaliation by his more militant followers, and the First Indochina War began on December They married in the same place where Zhou Enlai had married earlier and then lived in the residence of a Comintern agent, Mikhail Borodin.

Now, despite vanquishing the French military, the dream remained unrealized While the delegates began to assemble in Geneva from late April, the discussions on Indochina did not begin until May 8, Wounded Vietminh soldiers could also be better treated in China.

An educated man, Nguyen would write letters for the poor and provide the most basic of medical care.Ho Chi Minh: The missing years. C. Hurst & Co. ISBN ; Tôn Thất Thiện, Was Ho Chi Minh a Nationalist? Ho Chi Minh and the Comintern Information and Resource Centre, Singapore, ; Việt Minh, NLF and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

William J. Duiker. The Communist Road to Power in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh was the leader of the North Vietnamese when war with America broke out.

Ho Chi Minh was born in into a relatively well-off family in relative terms to other families in Indo-China. Ho Chi Minh was born in into a relatively well-off family in relative terms to other families in Indo-China.

For much of Ho's life, and in much of the historiography about the Vietnam War, observers have wondered whether Ho Chi Minh was primarily a nationalist or a communist. This question plagued American officials as they contemplated the appropriate policy toward Vietnam in.

after the Vietnam War, refugees who escaped from Vietnam in small boats. Why did Vietnamese guerrillas fight the French in Indochina? French tried to reestablish authority in Vietnam, however, forces led by communist leader Ho Chi Minh fought the colonialists.

Sep 19,  · Viet Minh, in full Viet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh Hoi, English League for the Independence of Vietnam, organization that led the struggle for Vietnamese independence from French rule.

The Viet Minh was formed in.

Ho Chi Minh

It was in this period that he took the name of Ho Chi Minh. Independence Proclaimed. With the end of World War II, Ho proclaimed the independence of Vietnam, but it took nine years for his declaration to become an effective fact.

An analysis of the war in vietnam and the influence of ho chi minh
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