Extra credit writing assignment ideas

When you turn the letter in, it will be sealed in a time capsule and returned to you at the end of 8th grade. Step 1 - Get your idea approved by the me.

Ask students if they ever been in a situation such as Abby or Sadeej or met someone that is different from them and how that person played a role in their life. Extra credit writing opportunities will prove more restrictive.

Letters not following guidelines will be returned for revisions. No items submitted by current students will appear on the exams for this semester; sorry. The following rules apply to the Scavenger Hunt and should be followed throughout the collecting: Tracking human relatedness and migration by examining Y-chromosome similarities and differences among current humans.

One of the most important and influential books ever written, it is one of the very few groundbreaking works of science that is truly readable. How are Abby and her new PenPal connected? However, by talking to her teachers, she is given a chance to prove to her teachers that she is capable of moving onto the seventh grade by completing certain tasks.

A formal writing is objective-based and each point needs to be explained. The structure and information included in assignment depends upon the type of an assignment.

Your one page must contain at least 3 paragraphs. Neatness and Mechanics Student work is neat and pleasing to look at.

The Conundrum of Extra Credit

Download a picture from the Internet and include in your letter. The best answer should not be immediately obvious. Six syllables These words show action.

Global Positioning System Writing Assignment

The brochure must contain 1. Cover illustration by Brian Selznick. Last updated Thursday, March 6, You'll meet with another AU student to talk about writing. You'll share your draft and get feedback about your writing project.

You can ask questions and get advice about ways to improve your writing. In free, minute consultations, we will work with you on issues such as: Interpreting a writing assignment; Generating ideas.

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For extra credit choose 3 writing prompts and write one hundred words or more about each. You may include clipart, hand-drawn pictures (from Paint or MS Word), Word art, and watermarks.

You may include clipart, hand-drawn pictures (from Paint or MS Word), Word art, and watermarks. Any time you incorporate into your writing ideas, words, key phrases, or pictures that were not originally created by you, you must give credit to the original author by.

Global Positioning System Writing Assignment. Posted by Hasna Sobh on January 23, Homework Tuesday, January 23, Extra Credit: Print the map in color, cut around it to fit in your ISN, and paste it.

Refer to your ISN activity to get some ideas. Mrs H Sobh. Reply. January 25 Marcelh. currclickblog.com but my isn is in your classroom.

Extra Credit

AP Literature and Composition Summer Assignment (Optional Extra Credit) You’ll be enriched personally as we thoughtfully consider ideas that are essential in terms of living our lives well. sharp and to help you get familiar with the type of reading and writing we’ll be doing in the fall. Extra Credit Essays Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against " extra credit essays ".

16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms

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Extra credit writing assignment ideas
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