Rewrite antonyms

An alternative option for this lesson asks students to provide an antonym for the teacher's selected words. Here are some examples: Be sure to use this appropriately for the first word in every sentence, proper rewrite antonyms, and Netiquette. Have students play that through and then go to the level: Check each student's "Using Synonyms in Your Writing" sheet to see if he or she chose appropriate synonyms of "great" that fit the context of the warm-up paragraph.

What underlined color is used to identify the error types below? Explain to students that they should now work with a partner to choose synonyms of "great" from the displayed word web to revise the paragraph about the party.

If your students are not familiar with Little Women, you could model the exercise with a work that is more familiar to your class.


Unscramble a group rewrite antonyms words to make a question and a statement. Make a chart with words for which you frequently see antonyms or synonyms in third-grade reading passages. After each group's title presentation, the other groups should use the VT to study the word webs for each main word in the revised title to try to determine the words in the original title of the movie or book.

The activity allows students to practice finding synonyms and encourages vocabulary development. Display the word webs for "small" and "females" and have students guess rewrite antonyms original book title Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Students can strengthen their reading comprehension skills and the size of their vocabulary through the use of both synonyms and antonyms. Have a few partnerships read aloud their revised versions of the warm-up paragraph.

They might say, "The large car drove down the street. Homophones Worksheet - Read each sentence and circle the homophone. For example, one branch of the web might include alternatives for "nice" in reference to a person while another branch of the web lists alternatives for references to the weather.

While we've all heard it is better to show something than to tell it to the reader, we can characterize nicely with a combination. Strict adherence is required. Have each group stand in front of the class to present its new movie or book title by writing it on the board. Writing Voice Label these sentences; state whether the sentence is in 1st Person, 2nd Person, or 3rd Person.

Synonyms and antonyms are important for students to learn in order to better their own writing in a creative way. Some red spelling lines are due to correct words not being in its dictionary.

For synonyms, start with one word in the middle of the paper. It may be necessary to have one on one instruction with an ELL learner or modified homework to give them more support. He was really quite silent inside that room But noisy as traffic when out under the moon. So up to the house-top the coursers they flew, With the sleigh full of toys, and St.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Add them to the class chart over several days or weeks. Have students write a new sentence below the sentence they have already written using one of the following words: Good and Nice Word Webs Read Write Think suggests additional activities in expanding student use of the words "good" and "nice.

This is the same process with both synonyms and antonyms using the normal level first and then the fast level next. Identifying an overused adjective in the context of a paragraph: Nouns Worksheet 3 - This noun worksheet could be used as a worksheet or as practice for standardized tests.

Third-grade language arts standards require students to understand meanings of words and relationships between words that have similar meanings and words with opposite meanings.

Synonym & Antonym Activities for 3rd Grade

Alphabet Antics - Students will test their knowledge of letter order in the alphabet, alphabetize words, and solve a secret code. We will know when students understand that words have opposite meanings when they complete the game, the sentence that they create on their own, and the homework activity is done well.

Of old "of old times" is from late 14c. One hour to one hour and a half Instructional Objectives:Transcript of Synonyms and Antonyms Ms. Moss Synonyms & Antonyms Synonyms A synonym is a word that has the same or almost the same meaning as another word.

Antonyms Rewrite the passage. Loop entire YouTube videos or put sections of it on repeat and share your creations with your friends. c.

Language Arts

Recognizes and applies the appropriate usage of homophones, homographs, antonyms, and synonyms Specific Learning Objective(s) The students will recognize the appropriate usage of antonyms and rewrite the story, The Three Pigs, by replacing as many words as possible with antonyms.

noun (used with a plural verb) old persons collectively (usually preceded by the): appropriations to care for the old.a person or animal of a specified age or age group (used in combination): a class for six-year-olds; a horse race for three-year-olds.

old or former time, often time long past: days of old. Using synonyms to rewrite movie or book titles: Distribute an index card to each group, each with a different book or movie title written on it. Here are some sample titles that work well with the exercise since they all follow the same "adjective noun" pattern: Open Season, Happy Feet, Sleeping Beauty, Polar Express, The Iron Giant, The Secret Garden, The Never-ending Story.

Have the students rewrite the paragraph a second time using antonyms. They might say, "The large car drove down the street." Have them read the different versions to see how the meaning changes.

Rewrite antonyms
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